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Saxon single gate

Saxon single gate

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SA05/5 Saxon single gate - 953mm (37.5in) high
SA05 Saxon single gate - 953mm (37.5in) high
SA06 Saxon single gate - 1257mm (49.5in) high

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The Saxon single gate is a decorative entrance gate with 10mm diameter infill bars and a 25mm x 10mm frame. The gate is primed in black paint and is supplied complete with fittings including a universal latch. The gate is easy to fit in an opening of 914mm (3ft) and in heights of 953mm (37.5in) and 1257mm (49.5in).

Additional Information

Construction The gate is an all-steel construction, primed in black paint and therefore requiring further coats of good quality paint for weatherproofing. It comes complete with hinges and latch.

Sizing This gate is available in the following sizes: 914mm (3ft) W x 953mm (37.5in) H 914mm (3ft) W x 1257mm (49.5in)

Specification Jointing - welded steel
Automation - N/A
Finishes and preservatives - black primer paint
Hinges - included
Gate posts -we recommend the following posts: MP Square Metal Posts

For all options on these gates, please contact us for details on suitability.